We Export Himalayan Salt

Pakistan’s first vacuum dried and the purest form of Edible Salt that is known for its high quality and great taste in the food and high-end gourmet industry.

Himalayan salt is the natural, purest, unprocessed and pollutant free salt available. It contains 84 minerals and elements that are essential for our health. It balances body’s pH level, boosts energy level, stabilizes blood pressure and improves hydration. While choosing edible salt, you should be careful in your selection as table salt might prove to be harmful to your body.

On the other hand, Himalayan salt does not contain any environmental pollutants or anti-caking agents.

Capital Marketing Exports are the exporter of Himalayan salt from Pakistan to countries as fowling:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Himalayan Red Salt
  • Himalayan Halite Crystal Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt health & beauty products Marble Onyx handicrafts and minerals worldwide that is 100% natural and extremely rich in minerals.

Honesty is the only Policy

Capital Marketing Exports always honor our commitments, by supplying agreed quality, packing of the product and in the shipments. We provide quality as per international standers.

We believe in “highest quality with competitive price” and never compromise on quality in order to have long term business relationship with our customers.

Packaging & Delivery Payments Terms:

 Packaging Detail:     5kg,10kg, 20kg, 40kg, 50kg, 100kg  /As per requirements

Port:                           FOB/ CIF Karachi Pakistan

Delivery Detail:         within 15 days

Payment Term:         L/C, T.Ts